36% of SharePoint users access sensitive and confidential data without permission

At least 36 percent of Microsoft SharePoint users are breaching security policies, and gaining access to sensitive and confidential information to which they are not entitled, according to a new survey conducted by security company Cryptzone.

The survey included more than 100 SharePoint professionals who attended Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. The study indicated that nearly 25% of respondents, whose organizations do not allow sensitive information to be stored within SharePoint environments, confessed that they knew of individuals who had accessed content that they were not entitled to.

Fifty-six percent of respondents reported that mobile access to SharePoint applications and data was an issue within their organizations. This is not surprising taking into account another survey, conducted among participants at the SharePoint Conference, which showed that more than 60% of SharePoint users access it through mobile devices.

SharePoint Security Survey

“Organizations are increasing awareness of the dangers of using mobile devices to connect to SharePoint through the corporate network,” said Yoav Crombie, business manager of AGAT Software Solutions, which developed SharePointShield, a solution that guarantees secure mobile connection to SharePoint.

“Taking into account that 79% of organizations store sensitive or confidential information on the SharePoint platform, it is clear that they need to apply security measures that enable users to safely connect from external networks without compromising the organization’s network.”