AppShield – Secure Mobile Apps Authentication


Security Highlights

  • Secure mobile connectivity solution
  • Active Directory credentials protection
  • Avoid using Active Directory credentials on mobile devices
  • Block DDoS attacks &  Brute force attacks
  • Available as a filter for Forefront servers or as a stand-alone gateway

MobilityShield offers an innovative security solution for organizations wishing to allow mobile access to corporate apps that require Active Directory authentication.

AppShield, developed by MobilityShield, offers the following advantages:

  • Active Directory credentials protection – eliminates the need to use and store AD credentials on the mobile device by defining dedicated application credentials
  • Network protection – blocks DDoS and brute force attacks

With mobile device usage constantly on the rise, the need to access corporate applications is increasing. Many organizations are planning to launch internal mobile business apps to enable their workers to connect to the corporate network through corporate and privately owned devices (BYOD). These corporate applications can be either off-the-shelf apps, such as CRM and ERP, or propriety developed apps.

Most corporate applications use Active Directory credentials for authentication as this is the most logical approach to use when designing an application for internal usage. However, this exposes the corporate network to new and dangerous risks arising from adopting the same authentication concept to the usage of mobile devices outside of the network’s boundaries.

The usage of Active Directory on a mobile device in a non-managed network or through a personal device is dangerous and may lead to Active Directory credential leakage. In addition, publishing a corporate web application exposes the network to DDoS attacks.