US workers show no concern over BYOD security risks

The bring-your-own device (BOYD) trend is expected to continue and increase, however, a recent survey published by research company Gartner shows that American workers are not paying much attention to security issues. The report indicates that despite the fact that a quarter of business users admitted to having security issues with their private device in […]

36% of SharePoint users access sensitive and confidential data without permission

At least 36 percent of Microsoft SharePoint users are breaching security policies, and gaining access to sensitive and confidential information to which they are not entitled, according to a new survey conducted by security company Cryptzone. The survey included more than 100 SharePoint professionals who attended Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. The study indicated […]

AppShield, an active directory authentication solution for mobile corporate apps

MobilityShield has added a new security solution for organizations wishing to allow mobile access to corporate apps that require Active Directory authentication. The new AppShield solution offers the following advantages: Active Directory (AD) credentials protection – eliminates the need to use and store AD credentials on the mobile device by defining dedicated application credentials Network protection – […]

Sixty percent of users access SharePoint through mobile devices

More than 60 percent of Microsoft SharePoint users access it through mobile devices, according to a survey conducted by mobile content management company Seismic. The survey, conducted during Microsoft’s 2014 SharePoint Conference, found that 25% of respondents believed that better mobile capabilities would help drive adoption of SharePoint within their organization. Seismic said that more […]

Growing usage of mobile devices contributes to rise in DDoS attacks

DDoS (Distributed-Denial-of-Service) attacks rose by 32.43 percent in 2013, according to the “Top 10 DDoS attack trends for 2013” report published by Prolexic Technologies. One of most worrying trends is that mobile devices and apps have begun to participate in DDoS campaigns. The report authors said that they had uncovered evidence of the use of mobile […]