MobilityShield launches SharePointShield to prevent Active Directory credentials theft

SharePointShield, a new product that guarantees secure mobile connectivity for users of Microsoft SharePoint, was launched by MobilityShield, an innovative solution that guarantees secure mobile connectivity.

The new solution protects organizations that use SharePoint against Active Directory (AD) credentials theft, block DoS, DDoS and brute-force attacks, and enforces connection to registered devices.

“The need to connect smartphones to the corporate network has become a vital business requirement,” said Guy Eldan, CEO of AGAT Software Solutions, which developed MobilityShield. “Mobile enterprises require easy-to-deploy tools to protect their sensitive business data. They are looking for solutions that enable secure connectivity of personal mobile devices with corporate SharePoint servers.”

Protect AD CredentialsThe innovative SharePointShield was developed following the successful launch of LyncShield which enables users to safely use approved mobile devices outside the corporate network to connect through Microsoft Lync.

While most mobile security solutions focus on protecting the data stored on the mobile device through encryption strategies and containerization, SharePointShield offers a new approach. It eliminates the need to store Active Directory passwords on the device and the connection to SharePoint is made by using dedicated SharePoint credentials that are created by the user rather than the regular network Active Directory credentials.

SharePointShield interacts directly with client-server SharePoint traffic and effectively controls who connects to the network based on the device used and not only on credentials.

SharePointShield offers the following features:

  • Active Directory password protection
  • Blocks Dos, DDoS and brute-force attacks
  • Smart Card policy solution for mobile
  • Two factor authentication for specific third-party clients
  • No need for additional client installment
  • Ideal BYOD solution

By using SharePointShield the organization can determine which mobile devices will be granted access to the system.