MobilityShield offers secure reverse proxy alternative to Microsoft TMG

Microsoft’s recent decision to stop issuing any further releases of its Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) has led IT Security managers to search for a reliable and cost effective solution to replace the Forefront TMG. This has driven companies to seek other reverse proxy solutions for using Lync and SharePoint on mobile devices.

MobilityShield has decided therefore, to offer its innovative Bastion reverse proxy solution as an affordable and simple solution for secure publishing of Microsoft SharePoint and Lync.

Bastion is a scalable, event-driven reverse proxy designed specifically for such tasks as publishing HTTP traffic, performing content inspection and securing authentication processes.

“Organizations that wish to make SharePoint and Lync accessible to mobile clients approached us looking for a good alternative for TMG,” said Guy Eldan, CEO of AGAT Software Solutions, which developed MobilityShield. “In order to meet this challenge, and other security issues relating to connecting safely to Lync and SharePoint from outside the organization, we have introduced the Bastion reverse proxy.”

Bastion Reverse Proxy

Bastion is designed to allow adding security components such as LyncShield or SharePointShield. Main security features included are Two Factor Authentication, active directory (AD) credential protection and DDoS account lockout prevention. Bastion avoids the usage of AD credentials with full Lync functionality including exchange data and without the need for ADFS.

Bastion can run on both Windows and Linux making it an ideal corporate cybersecurity solution for organizations that wish to have their reverse proxy on a Linux machine for security reasons and when other security layers already exist on the Linux platform, making it a familiar one.

Bastion is specifically designed for IT security managers to enable organizations that refrain from using Microsoft Forefront gateways.