Security Issues



  • Secure mobile Microsoft Lync & SharePoint connectivity
  • Active Directory (AD) protection
  • Two factor authentication
  • Eliminates need to use AD credentials on mobile device
  • Block DDoS, DoS attacks &  Brute force attacks
  • Solution for smart card authentication
  • Available as a filter for Forefront (ISA/TMG) servers or as a gateway

MobilityShield’s offers a new  approach to mobile security by avoiding the need to store Active Directory passwords on the device. This eliminates the need to protect data stored on mobile devices through encryption strategies and containerization.

Using MobilityShield, organizations can protect corporate passwords by defining custom login credentials exclusively for Lync and SharePoint. When doing so, the Active Directory credentials are not stored on the mobile device.

MobilityShield thus eliminates the usage of network credentials on mobile devices. This prevents unauthorized persons from getting hold of the Active Directory credentials and using them to connect to corporate applications and sensitive information.

MobilityShield creates a dedicated user name and password, different from the AD credentials (on the Access Portal web site) for each user, which are used only for connecting through Lync.

MobilityShield interacts directly with the client server Lync and SharePoint traffic and effectively controls who can connect to the network. This is done based on the user’s credentials, the device in use and two factor authentication.

MobilityShield does not require additional client installations, making it an ideal solution for companies and organizations wishing to deploy a BYOD policy.