SharePointShield – Secure Mobile SharePoint


Security Highlights

  • Secure mobile connectivity solution
  • Active Directory protection
  • Avoid using Active Directory credentials on mobile devices
  • Block DoS attacks &  Brute force attacks
  • Solution for enabling smart card authentication
  • Available as a filter for Forefront servers or as a stand-alone gateway

Using Microsoft’s SharePoint site through mobile device is an excellent tool for boosting productivity and collaboration no matter where the user is. By configuring SharePoint features designed to enhance mobile viewing users can optimize their mobile experience.

However, while connecting users from their mobile device, the system is exposed to threats and security risks that arise from the authentication process.

The information managed and stored in SharePoint document libraries is an IP that must be protected.

With SharePointShield, users can safely connect from external networks without compromising the organization’s network. This is done by creating a dedicated user name and password that can be used only for SharePoint. If the credentials are stolen, further damage is prevented.

Creating dedicated SharePoint credentials

To create dedicated SharePoint credentials, users have to log in to the self-service access portal. Once they have logged in, they have to create specific SharePoint credentials different from their regular Active Directory credentials. They then have to enter the dedicated SharePoint credentials created on the device and will not be required to provide their Active Directory credentials again. This approach resembles the ADFS approach, but is simpler with fewer prerequisites.

By doing this organizations can avoid the usage of Active Directory credentials in a non-managed network as a non-managed device exposes it to credential theft or hacking.

SharePointShield can be used with most SharePoint clients including:

  • SharePoint Web access
  • SharePoint mobile client by
  • SPConnect SharePoint (Beta) by AcquiredNotions Inc.