Sixty percent of users access SharePoint through mobile devices

More than 60 percent of Microsoft SharePoint users access it through mobile devices, according to a survey conducted by mobile content management company Seismic.

Secure Mobile SharePoint Connectivity The survey, conducted during Microsoft’s 2014 SharePoint Conference, found that 25% of respondents believed that better mobile capabilities would help drive adoption of SharePoint within their organization.

Seismic said that more than 90% of respondents think that tablets will be used for SharePoint in more business functions in 2014.

In addition, over 65% think that third party add-on’s /integrations are still required to fix shortcomings or greatly enhance the standard functionality of SharePoint.

“The fact that the majority of SharePoint users use their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to connect to the corporate networks illustrates the risks arising from insecure connection,” said Yoav Crombie, business manager of AGAT Software Solutions, which developed MobilityShield.

“As we realized that the number of users is expected to continue to increase, we decided to devote special efforts to develop SharePointShield, a solution that will guarantee secure mobile connection to SharePoint.”

SharePointShield enables users to safely connect from external networks without compromising the organization’s network. This is done by creating a dedicated user name and password that can be used only for SharePoint. If the credentials are stolen, further damage is prevented.