US workers show no concern over BYOD security risks

The bring-your-own device (BOYD) trend is expected to continue and increase, however, a recent survey published by research company Gartner shows that American workers are not paying much attention to security issues.

The report indicates that despite the fact that a quarter of business users admitted to having security issues with their private device in 2013, only 27 percent of them felt obliged to inform their employer.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy

Some 50% of those surveyed said they spend more than one hour each day using private devices for work purposes and that they regularly use their devices for social as well as productivity tasks.

Gartner said that the survey showed that work-related documents were regularly being transferred to private devices, leaving the security of the company network; 20% of respondents stated they accessed data behind the workplace firewall using private devices.

They authors said that the key to having a secure device was making sure it was well managed. They added that failure to embrace BYOD would force it underground and into the shadows, where it would have the potential to publicly expose private data and open the enterprise to a data breach situation.

“Employees are using their own devices to connect to their company’s servers, putting the entire organization at risk,” said Yoav Crombie, business manager of AGAT Software Solutions, which developed MobilityShield.

“Businesses that wish to allow their workers to connect to the server using the Lync, SharePoint or Web applications client from mobile devices should look for solutions that guarantee secure mobile authentication by adding Two-Factor Authentication, protecting the Active Directory credentials and blocking account lock-out issues,” he added.